Are You Truly Meant For Entrepreneurship?

You need to confront your mind. The little guy who gets in your way when you least expect it.

Not just some table tennis you play daily by whacking thoughts off it; but soul-searching insights into the inner workings of your subconscious regions. Where your mind truly loves to play hide and seek with you. Where you can find the real keys and answers to your most pressing concerns. They say, the things you are too often busy looking for are right under your nose. In this case, right under your skull!

Are you truly an entrepreneur? How could you answer this all-important question without incurring hefty consultation fees by experts? Honestly, and I am mean shamelessly, assess the following:

1. Do you truly have an idea of where you could be in 5 years’ time? What will you be worth then? What exactly will it take to get there?

2. What have you done about it so far?

3. What do others truly think and say about your ability to work despite a lack of resources, or whatever your need to run your business?

Now for the explanations and reasoning behind confronting yourself.

The first question verifies your ability to visualise goals and set up systems in place to meet them. Remember, true entrepreneurs are visionaries first and foremost, then pragmatists who shape their realities after those visions which no one else sees.

The second one is a crucial quantitative assessment of your ability or disability to ACT. Entrepreneurs have a real, tangible bias towards action. Their ultimate nemesis is procrastination.

The third objectively answers your resourcefulness and tendency to take action in spite of setbacks/limitations/flaws and removes your own clouded judgements or emotions entirely from this equation of self-assessment. This requires considerable problem-solving skills and bridges your end product to your vision.

If you already run a business without having first addressed the above concerns sufficiently, you are only deluding and setting yourself up for failure later. The good ones realise this early on and take corrective actions. The rest take 5, 10, or 20 months or years to realise this. By then your dream becomes your nightmare!

Understand that your business is nothing more than an extension of yourself and your personality. Every decision you make, results you achieve, the state of things as they are, and every personal reaction manifesting itself in your business are all signs pointing to this inescapable fact. Consequently, your business can only prosper to the extent you do. It can only grow to the extent you do too!

If you are currently running away from your ‘oppressive’ job and intend starting your own home-based internet business, DO NOT do so! You WILL end up having another job with your business as your Boss! Incredulous? Simply look to the statistics.

If you have nothing much to offer to the market except your skills, you won’t create a business, but a job! Only knowing things isn’t enough. You have to know your vision, and you must know how to manage the nitty gritty work of being self employed.

If you already are a business owner, and your business requires you to be there all the time, how could you say it offers you time freedom, which it definitely does not! You have become a modern slave!

Check you suitability first, before you take that plunge into the wild ocean that is entrepreneurship.

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